BioGaia Sells LifeTop Straw to China

BioGaia has started delivery of products according to the development and sales agreement that was signed 2003 with one of China's largest dairies. The delivery concerns BioGaia's patented straw, LifeTop Straw.

BioGaia's straw can contain different types of sensitive ingredients which lie protected in the straw. The straw is later applied to drinks packages. This makes it possible to produce drinks with sensitive ingredients with long shelf-life. The LifeTop Straw which has now being delivered to China contains Lactobacillus acidophillus.

"China is a large and important market and the volumes we will deliver during the coming year are very interesting. If the launch is successful, it may be a question of very large volumes" says Peter Rothschild, President BioGaia AB.

LifeTop Straw is produced by BioGaia's 50% owned company TwoPac AB in Eslöv. Due to the increased demand for LifeTop Straw, TwoPac AB has built a further machine for production which more than doubles the production capacity.

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