BioGaia Signs Agreement With Ewopharma

BioGaia AB has signed a distribution agreement with Ewopharma AG, Switzerland, which gives Ewopharma exclusive rights to distribute BioGaia´s Probiotic drops and tablets in a number of countries in Central Eastern Europe.

Both products will be sold through pharmacies, using BioGaia´s brand, in Poland, The Slovak Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia. Additionally, the tablets will also be sold in The Czech Republic and Hungary.

Ewopharma is a Swiss pharmaceutical company with a strong sales organisation in Central Eastern Europe. "The scientific documentation of BioGaia's products is highly convincing – the number of clinical studies supporting the products is outstanding for products that are not registered as pharmaceuticals" says Veronika Kovalikova, Manager Medical Affairs at Ewopharma

"Our long-term investment in product development and clinical studies is the base from which more and more pharmaceutical companies are interested in distributing our products" says Peter Rothschild, President BioGaia AB. "Ewopharma is an excellent partner for us in Central Eastern Europe and we look forward to successful launches during 2007

BioGaia´s probiotic drops are sold today in pharmacies in 10 countries whilst the tablets are sold in 12 countries. New contracts have been signed for a further 16 countries for the drops and 14 countries for the tablets. These further markets are expected to launch under 2006-2007.

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