BioGaia signs agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals in Argentina

The agreement refers to sales of BioGaia Probiotic drops and tablets in Argentina under the BioGaia brand. Launch is estimated during the first half of 2011.

BioGaia AB already has agreements with Ferring Pharmaceuticals covering some ten countries in Latin America, where Mexico was the first country to launch the products. In Argentina the regulatory process will now be initiated. The other countries in the region will follow as the regulatory processes in respective countries are finished.
- Latin America is a relatively new market for us and we are looking forward to launching our products in yet another country in this region, says Peter Rothschild, President, BioGaia AB.

Discontinues the cooperation in Egypt
At the same time as the agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals for Argentina is signed BioGaia discontinues the agreement relating to Egypt. This agreement was signed in 2008 but due to regulatory difficulties no products have been launched. BioGaia now therefore chooses to discontinue the agreement with Ferring for Egypt.

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