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BioGaia Signs Agreement With Semper

BioGaia AB has signed an agreement with Semper AB which gives Semper the rights under the name Semper Magdropper, to sell BioGaia´s probiotic drops in Sweden and Norway.

BioGaia´s probiotic drops, which contain Lactobacillus reuteri, balance the gut flora in children and have been shown in clinical trials to have strongly positive effects on colic and to prevent infections caused by bacteria and yeasts. A clinical study on the effect of Lactobacillus reuteri on colic, which was just published in the medical journal Pediatrics, showed that 95 % of the infants that were given BioGaia´s Probiotic drops responded to the treatment, whilst only 7 % of the infants given the medicine most commonly used against colic responded.

Semper is Sweden´s leading baby food company, with a market share of approximately 60%. Semper has over 50 years experience of developing and marketing good and nutritionally adapted products for small children.
"Semper Magdropper will be an excellent complement to our other products. Lactobacilli are good bacteria which keep the gut in balance. The gut is important for the growth and well-being of the child." says Agneta Frykhammar, Marketing Director of Semper AB.
Launch is planned during the first half of 2007.

"It is very satisfying that Semper will be selling our probiotic drops in Sweden" says Peter Rothschild, MD BioGaia AB. "It is important for us that our most rapidly growing product is sold in our home market" continues Peter.

The drops are already sold in 10 countries and launch is expected in a further 13 countries during 2007.

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