BioNovix Launches Dietary Supplement Containing Anti-Oxidant Xanthohumol

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan 02, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- BioNovix, Inc., a consumer health products company, is launching the first bioactive dietary supplement formulated with xanthohumol, a powerful anti-oxidant.

The xanthohumol compound is derived from hops, and has been identified as an extremely potent anti-oxidant. BioNovix is the first company to develop a patented formula and process for enhancing and increasing the potency of xanthohumol so that it can be used in a soluble form, facilitating assimilation in the body.

BioNovix has termed their formulation of xanthohumol, which will be marketed under the name MeridiumXN(TM), the "Master Molecule," because of its ability to have a beneficial effect on numerous aspects of overall health. The company has also developed a revolutionary approach to measuring metabolic stress and overall wellness through its Wellness Index Test(TM).

Both products, which are expected to become significant brands in the $20 billion dietary supplement market, will become available for sale direct to consumers beginning in January 2007. To bring these products to market, BioNovix is making network marketing distributor opportunities available and is inviting those interested in serving as distributors, or those who are just interested in finding out more about MeridiumXN and the Wellness Index Test, to attend a special Pre-Launch Event meeting in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay Hotel, from January 12th through the 14th.

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