Bioriginal Announces New Fruity Fish Oil Sofgel Range

Reaffirming its status as a complete EFA solutions provider, Bioriginal has launched an exciting new range of flavored fish oil softgels. Combining a fruity taste and aroma, they are an appealing alternative to standard fish oil capsules. Offerings within the softgel range include molecularly distilled cod liver oil, a 3-6-9 combination, concentrated EPA fish oil and concentrated DHA fish oil. With a range of EFAs and flavors, diverse product lines can be custom-created for enhanced consumer appeal.

The intrinsic health benefits of fish oil are well known and scientifically supported. Research and studies have linked the omega-3s found in fish oils to an abundance of health advantages – including heart, brain, joint, and eye health. Yet, according to recent reports, 33% of Americans who believe they are deficient in omega-3s still do not purchase fish oils. This can be linked to three key reasons: taste, smell and convenience.

Bioriginal’s flavored softgels are designed to overcome the most common challenges faced by manufacturers. With a great taste and smell, they eliminate problems associated with unpleasant flavor or odor notes and significantly reduce the fishy reflux that can be a big deterrent for consumers. Available in custom and standard sizes, the softgels are also easy to swallow.

Commenting on the launch, Bioriginal’s marketing director, Manny Sabares said: "At Bioriginal, our number one aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality, custom-made EFA solutions. We’re offering the well-documented health benefits of fish oils in a delicious flavored softgel format to help manufacturers increase consumer appeal and meet the ever rising demand for innovative fish oil supplements."

This latest launch further extends the company’s wide portfolio of innovative EFA-based products, which can be tailor-made according to manufacturers’ requirements. For more information, please visit


For further information please contact: Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., 102 Melville Street, Saskatoon, SK, S7J 0R1 Canada. Tel: (306) 975-1166 Fax: (306) 242-3829 Email: [email protected] Or visit:

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