Biova, Ford Levine sign sales partnership

Biova, Ford Levine sign sales partnership

Ford Levine Sales Group will offer international sales development for Biova's water-soluble egg membrane ingredients.

Biova LLC has retained Ford Levine Sales Group for natural markets and international sales development. Biova is the market leader for water-soluble egg membrane ingredients.

“Increased market interest in our water soluble branded ingredients and expanded global opportunities are the driving forces behind this agreement,” said Matt Stegenga, Biova director of sales and marketing. “Ford Levine are talented professionals with a proven track record of success with natural, international account development. We're excited they're now part of our team.”

Allen Levine, partner with Ford Levine, confirms Biova is uniquely positioned to seize strong market opportunities. “First, egg membrane's a perfect complement, or alternative, to almost any existing joint and skin health formula—so there’s significant established global market opportunity,” said Levine. “But what's really advantageous is Biova's water-soluble egg membrane—nobody else offers a wider range of egg membrane delivery options. Plus, all Biova ingredients deliver uniform product profiles making life easier for formulators. This is a great opportunity for us, and for Biova.”

Ford Levine Sales Group specializes in U.S. and international sales representation, plus account management, for natural products companies.

Biova markets a trio of water soluble egg membrane ingredients: BiovaFlex® for joint health products; BiovaDerm® for skin health; BiovaPlex® for animal health. Marketing support for all three ingredients is available.


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