Birkmayer USA to market a New and Improved NADH in September 2006

21st August 2006 – CARLSBAD, California: Birkmayer USA, the largest distributor of NADH tablets in the USA and the world, is due to release for sale in September a new formula NADH product which will contain Chlorophyll in all size tablets – 2.5mg , 5.0mg and the 10mg. This combination was produced by Birkmayer USA in 2004 and tested on the market. Testing was positive, the product was welcomed and manufacture was scheduled.

Birkmayer USA markets NADH as ‘CO-E1 NADH’ as NADH is co-enzyme #1 and is vital in the support of the energy system of the body. NADH is as important to our bodies as is air and food that we need to make energy. NADH creates ATP, which powers the brain, heart, muscles, nerves, immune system and cell repair. (1)

Chlorophyll assists in the assimilation of calcium and other minerals. (1)

“By combining both NADH and Chlorophyll we have a truly brilliant and real product to help many people, and we are truly excited to be able to provide this product” said Rachel Chandler, the Manager of Birkmayer USA.

Of the consumers who buy our NADH products a poll has shown that 98% will continue to take our NADH.

CO-E1 NADH with Chlorophyll will be available online at and through distributors nationwide and pricing will be economical. For any assistance please call the Birkmayer USA office on 1.800.518 2207.

About Birkmayer USA:
Birkmayer USA has been the major distributor of NADH products in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe since 2003 and are committed to helping people stay healthy

(1) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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