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Blue Pacific Flavors and HortResearch Sign Strategic License Deal to Launch hortRealfruit(TM) Branded True-Fruit Flavor Technology

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Jun 27, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Blue Pacific Flavors Inc, a leading innovator of natural and organic-compliant fruit flavors has entered into an exclusive license agreement with The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Limited, more commonly known as HortResearch. During the term of the license, Blue Pacific will be the only flavor company to have ongoing access to HortResearch Ltd's entire database of volatiles and aromas produced by fruits from all over the world, including for example the Actinidia arguta, also known as the kiwiberry native to New Zealand.

The HortResearch database contains research data on flavor chemicals, sugars, non-volatile acids and plant pigments from diverse fruits. The inclusion of polysaccharides from selected fruits for commercial flavors is planned for the near future. The constantly updated database contains approximately 1,000 analyses on volatile compound mixtures, and more than 2,000 other compounds, of which approximately 200 are unknown as fruit compounds.

As a result of the license agreement, the companies will jointly launch a proprietary true-fruit flavor technology co-branded hortRealfruit(TM). The branded technology will produce new authentic fruit flavors utilizing HortResearch's fruit-derived science and research.

"This database gives our company a window into flavors produced by the world's best flavor creator, Mother Nature, allowing us to retrieve her exact recipes while having access to quite a few compounds which were previously unknown," said Donald Wilkes, Founder and CEO of Blue Pacific Flavors. "We are confident our continued partnership with HortResearch, a world-class leader in integrated fruit research, will lead to groundbreaking innovations in bringing authentic, true fruit flavors to market for the food and beverage industries."

Blue Pacific is a leader in creative natural and organic compliant fruit flavors and sweet flavor delivery to a wide range of food applications including beverages, fruit preparations, dairy (yogurt and milk), soymilk, ice cream, frozen desserts, bakery and nutritional foods and confectionery products.

HortResearch is a New Zealand-based science company, acknowledged as a world leader in integrated fruit research, using unique resources in fruit, plants and sustainable production systems to provide novel technologies, innovative fruit and food products with high consumer appeal. HortResearch has a notable scientific track record in the understanding of how flavor compounds are produced and interact in fruits.

"We have been using this database for a couple of years now to replicate flavors from our fruit breeding programs for consumer sensory testing," said Dr. Ross Atkinson, HortResearch's science leader for the program. "We have also looked to add new flavors to that base mix to examine consumer acceptance of potential new varieties, a model if you like, to inform our breeders in their development programs."

Blue Pacific will unveil two new hortRealfruit(TM) natural flavors at the IFT08 Annual Meeting & Expo. Visitors to Blue Pacific Flavors booth#1138 will receive samples of the Oceania Pacifica Apple Juice Beverage(TM) and the South Pacific Gold Kiwifruit Granita(TM), both based on the hortRealfruit(TM) flavor technology.

This license agreement demonstrates the strengthening alliance between the two companies since they signed a collaboration agreement earlier this year. The relationship combines Blue Pacific's commercial know-how and intellectual property with select aspects of HortResearch's ongoing Research & Development projects and intellectual property in fruit based flavors and technologies. The compound database licensing agreement is the first of many products of this strategic collaboration and will provide many commercial opportunities for both organizations.

About Blue Pacific Flavors
Since 1993, Blue Pacific Flavors, Inc. has been a leader in technology driven flavor creation combined with food and beverage application intellectual property solutions. The company's flavor capabilities range from innovative creative development to new product development and duplication. Blue Pacific provides its customers an international spectrum of innovation, expertise and tradition for quality, service and value. Industries served include the food, beverage, dairy, bakery, confectionery, prepared food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical specialties sectors. Blue Pacific uses only the finest natural and synthetic raw materials available and manufactures all products under Kosher and Halal supervision, as well as GRAS and FEMA guidelines. It also follows GMP and AIB guidelines and certification. For more information, visit

About HortReseach
HortResearch is a New Zealand-based science company, acknowledged as a world leader in integrated fruit research using unique resources in fruit, plants and sustainable production systems to provide novel technologies, innovative fruit and food products with high consumer appeal. Home to leading-edge scientific capability in plant breeding, tree, vine and fruit physiology, HortResearch has earned considerable acclaim as the name behind development of ZESPRI(TM) GOLD Kiwifruit, ENZA JAZZ(TM) brand apples and a range of other successful cultivars including blueberries, peaches and pears. HortResearch is now enhancing its commercial science capability, utilizing skills in plant molecular biology, nutrigenomics, food chemistry and human physiology to find new ways to improve health, wellbeing and performance. The company is also developing breakthrough science and technology to meet emerging markets for functional foods and naturally produced flavours and fragrances.

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