Brush Up On the Latest Developments at in-cosmetics Asia 2009

Visitors to in-cosmetics Asia will step into a world of innovation and inspiration. Not only is it the place to source new ingredients and be inspired for your next product launch but the unrivalled educational programme also provides an unmissable opportunity to brush up on your scientific and marketing knowledge.

Taking place on 13 - 15 October 2009 at Singapore Expo, in-cosmetics Asia is the leading exhibition and conference in Asia for personal care ingredients. Tailored specifically for the Asian market, the event enables visitors to source the latest raw ingredients and materials along with cutting edge developments and technology as well as learning how to best use these in formulations.

Some of the most groundbreaking cosmetic concepts and developments are originating from countries within Asia. It has the second largest personal care market after Europe, and it is estimated that the Asia Pacific C&T market will grow to around US$81.8bn by 2010. It has never been more pertinent to tap into these growing markets especially given the current economic situation.

Planning for growth
Those wanting to capitalise on this growth will find a wide variety of international companies offering exciting products and solutions under one roof. Whether visitors are looking for a new ingredient, ways of improving their formulations or seeking new business contacts

in-cosmetics Asia allows them to speak directly to suppliers who can help.

Among the many exhibitors visitors will find is biological active ingredient specialists SILAB, who will be showcasing its latest innovative products, including p-REFINYL®, a multi-action active ingredient which attenuates the unsightly appearance of dilated pores. Swiss company Induchem is introducing a new generation of “Natural” Unispheres™. The carbohydrate based spherical beads are used as visual cosmetic carriers, can be customised with a variety of colours and special effects, and are centred on bamboo derived cellulose and xylitol, making them ideal for environmentally aware and natural cosmetics.

Bio-Nest will be presenting various materials to highlight its expertise in enwrapping technology, which is used to make traditional chemical sunscreen into easy-to-use, safer and more stable sunscreen agents. This technology and SunCat, the company’s enwrapped form of sunscreen agent, will be shared in an in-depth Innovation Seminar presentation, Prolonged Activity of Encapsulated Chemical Sunscreen by Delphine Chen, Director of the International Department at Bio-Nest on the second day of the show.

Despite the caution around the global economy, many companies are exhibiting at

in-cosmetics Asia for the first time this year, giving visitors the opportunity to meet new suppliers and see many more new product launches. Quantum Hi-Tech (Beijing) Research Institute Co, H & A Pharmachem, O’Laughlin Industries, Olvea, Taizhu and United Cosmeceuticals are just a selection of first time exhibitors looking forward to sharing their latest innovations with visitors. Following successful efficacy tests, United Cosmeceuticals is using the show to present its new Dermatopoietin® cosmetic line for the first time. Designed for anti-cellulite, anti-ageing, hair loss prevention and nail growing and strengthening applications, the range features active proprietary peptides which regulate the entire process of dermis remodelling and skin renewal. Other companies include ALOVE BALI, KCC Corporation, and Weifang Sunwin Chemicals. To see a complete list of first time exhibitors go to

Also new for the 2009 show are the French and Korean Pavilions, supported by UBifrance and the Korean Cosmetic Association respectively. Known for their advanced technologies the Korean exhibitors, including Bioland, Miwon Commercial Co., Regeron and Xen Tech, will be keen to demonstrate their latest products and capabilities, whilst French companies are renowned for their highly creative and innovative approach to the industry.

The French personal care market is Europe’s most competitive, with manufacturers specialising in everything from natural and organic to high-tech, active ingredients and as such, the pavilion has been set up to ensure visitors can locate raw materials and suppliers from the country. Participating companies include ABC Texture, Aldivia, AXIALYS Innovations, Biolandes, BioSynthIs, Gattefossé, Interpolymer, Lessonia and Lucas Meyer. In addition, Olvea, Orgasynth, SACI-CFPA, Setalg, Soniam, Sophim, Stearinerie Dubois and Technature will also be showcasing their latest raw materials, many of which are ideal for bodywraps, exfoliants, scrubs, mousse, peel off masks and bath salts.

Highlighting its involvement in the development of natural, organic and fair trade cosmetic ingredients, Aldivia is launching its new range of organic certified surfactant, stemming from organic vegetable oils and butters such as olive, argan, shea, marula and Brazil nut. As a supplier of natural spa ingredients for organic cosmetics, Lessonia is showcasing its Microzest 25 line of natural plant pigments for the colour cosmetic market as well as its range of organic certified products and ingredients.

INTERPOLYMER is using the French Pavilion for the official Asian launch of the SYNTRAN PC5500 as a skin conditioning polymer, designed to give skin a natural appearance and silky smooth feel. SYNTRAN 5907, a new preservative-free self preserved opacifier, which can be used in a number of personal care formulations including shampoos, bath and shower gels and liquid soaps will also be launched into Asia for the first time.

Such international participation is one of the reasons why visiting in-cosmetics Asia can certainly prove a sound business decision as the show opens up a wide reaching market. The large number of companies exhibiting enables more contact with potential business partners than would usually be possible in a whole year whilst the direct nature of the exhibition facilitates that all-important face-to-face contact and professional networking opportunities.

Highly stimulating educational programme
in-cosmetics Asia and its European sister show, in-cosmetics, have become synonymous with providing an unrivalled educational programme. The seminars, conferences and workshops offer critical insights into scientific advances, emerging trends and regulations as well as a look at future marketing trends and innovations. This year’s educational programme features a Spotlight on Skin-Whitening Conference, Cosmetic Regulations and Safety Assessment Workshop, IMAGINE Natural Beauty, Marketing Trends Presentations, Innovation Seminars and an Ask the Experts Clinics.

One of the show’s highlights, the Spotlight on Skin-Whitening Conference, takes place on the second day of the exhibition (Wednesday 14 October). Ideal for formulators, bench chemists, R&D specialists and application chemists responsible for regulatory and efficacy processes, the conference is essential for those wanting to update their knowledge of this lucrative market. Presentations from some of the best innovators in the world will examine the differing methods used to whiten the skin, from melanin to skin stress control, UV protection and exfoliation as well as formulation compatibility and efficacy testing. Safety profiles, regulatory approval and claim substantiation will also be addressed, as will the availability and affordability of safe skin-whitening products in Asia’s key markets.

The wide range of topics and speakers from leading companies including Croda, Dow Corning, Lipotec, Sederma and Shiseido will ensure that delegates will benefit from a complete overview of the latest developments, formulations and technologies.

Sarah Gibson, Exhibition Manager of in-cosmetics Asia comments: “Skin-whitening remains a controversial topic, given some of the active ingredients historically used. However, Asian consumers are becoming better educated, demanding hard facts and proof that these products work, hence the need for manufacturers to reinforce the efficacy aspect as well as providing scientific evidence. The conference gives a complete overview of the trends within the industry, and examines the wide range of issues at the forefront of this growing market.”

Learning through interaction
For many a hands-on and interactive experience is the best way to learn. Premiering at the show, the Cosmetic Regulations and Safety Assessment Workshop will provide delegates with just such an experience, giving a full review of Asian regulations along with practical demonstrations on assessing product safety in accordance with the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive.

Essential for R&D, regulatory and technical specialists, this unique workshop includes Asia’s first hands-on product safety evaluation session. On 1 January 2008, the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive came into force, with far-reaching implications for companies operating in the region. The workshop’s interactive safety sessions, led by the renowned Dr Alain Khaiat, President Seers Consulting, and Dr. Bhashkar Mukerji, Toxicology Manager, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific, will give delegates the opportunity to understand the intricacies of the new directive and how it will affect their company’s processes. Training will be given about the handling and selection of raw materials, how to read the safety data provided by suppliers and how to use this to evaluate the safety of the product.

Dr. Khaiat comments: “Companies are responsible for product safety and, in many instances, are not clear about how to assess this. The workshop will focus on simple safety background information, followed by a hands-on session where participants will be given actual data and lead through the safety assessment process. It is designed to help clarify the safety assessment process. As such it is the first of its kind in Asia and probably in the world!”

The show’s central feature, IMAGINE Natural Beauty, will continue the opportunity to learn through interaction. Focusing on the ever-growing natural and organic market it will allow visitors to touch and feel products; showcasing exciting new actives, functional ingredients and organic products, whilst throwing the spotlight on green chemistry and sustainable development. Visitors will be able to examine the latest products on offer from leading companies in the field and talk to experts regarding the whole development cycle from plants, to raw ingredients through to the manufacturing process and finally, the finished product.

Walking through the IMAGINE feature, visitors will come face-to-face with a mix of Asian and European companies – Aldivia, AXIALYS, B&T, Biospectrum, Dow Corning, DSM Nutritional Products, Gattefossé, Ichimaru Pharcos, Rhodia Asia Pacific and SEPPIC – providing a vibrant range of ingredients and finished products. Some of the highlights include anti-ageing and whitening nutricosmetic ingredients, a sorbitan Olivate for sunscreen and make-up, a COSMOS compliant range of emulsifiers and a not-to-be-missed Texture Bar from Gattefossé. In addition, petrochemical company TOTAL, which produces speciality chemicals for the C&T sector, has just announced its participation in the feature.

Jacques Sebag, Project Manager of IMAGINE Natural Beauty on behalf of in-cosmetics Asia comments, “We have selected some of the most innovative companies involved in developing ‘greener products’ – ­­­suppliers of natural and organic ingredients of course, but also laboratories creating safer, more sustainable solutions in personal care chemistry. It will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn from them. Our vision is that IMAGINE will inspire companies to create new formulations, whilst also helping them to explore ways in which they too can break into this emerging market and meet increasing consumer demand. Whether you are an R&D specialist, product developer or marketer, IMAGINE will give you food for thought.”

At the forefront of innovation

Free Marketing Trends presentations and Innovation Seminars complete this year’s educational programme. What will be the hot marketing trends in Asia and around the globe in 2010? The Marketing Trends presentations will tell visitors all they need to know to stay ahead of the competition. Leading market researchers, consultancies and brands will present their latest research on both the Asian and global market, with topics including developments in hair care, the barriers to and strategies for new product launches and even advice on utilising the power of online communication.

At the free-to-attend Innovation Seminars, taking place on the first two days of the show, visitors will see presentations from exhibitors on their new product launches or those about to be introduced to the market. They will cover all visitors need to know about the key technical aspects of their products and useful information about the development. Companies including Arch Personal Care Products, Bio-Nest Biochemical Technology, Croda, Dow Chemical, Lipotec, Rhodia Asia Pacific, SEPPIC and Vitamin C60 Bio Research will be discussing the latest skincare and haircare products, among others, and the development cycle behind these latest innovations.

A business opportunity not to be missed

Last, but certainly not least, in-cosmetics Asia is striving to add even more value for visitors by introducing an Ask the Experts Clinic. New this year, visitors who register online can pre-book a 30-minute session with leading business experts. For just US$20 per session these professionals will be available to offer sound, strategic business advice in the areas of intellectual property, patents, regulations, consumer research, and branding and marketing communications.

To summarise this year’s event and the challenges facing the personal care industry, Sarah Gibson says: “We’re confident that the show provides the visitor with the best opportunity to view the latest product innovations and technology developments, gather essential market intelligence, and develop new business partnerships all under one roof. The value of meeting face-to-face should never be underestimated!”

in-cosmetics Asia takes place on 13 -15 October 2009 at Singapore Expo. Visit to find out more about the show and register for free entry and benefits by 6 October.

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