Cactus Botanics Begins Manufacture of High Purity Lutein Powder

Commecing 12th, Mar 2007 Cactus Botanics Limited, after a year of hard work by its R&D department, has had a breakthrough in the production of its High Purity Natural Lutein Powder manufacturing technology and has also completed its initial bulk production. The product has passed HPLC tests against a working standard from Sigma.

Lutein is a carotenoid, which because of its high antioxidatant capability,is very active and easily deteriorates when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. As a result, the activity and purity will be decreased dramatically. Morever, the purer the Lutein is, the easier it is to be deteriorated. So, for a long time, solving these problems during production and packaging became the most difficult things for most of the Lutein Powder manufacturers. Cactus Botanics however, has now produced a stable natural 90% Lutein Powder, available in bulk, extracted from marigold flower.

Customers are welcome to visit the website for detailed information or to contact [email protected] to get related documents.

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