Cactus Botanics introduces Anthocyanidins extracted from Black Currant Fruit

It is widely known that Anthocyanidin is an active ingredient extracted from Bilberry fruit and marketed very well in the global nutritional market. Because Bilberry is only grown in Northern Europe and other northern areas around the world, there is the potential for scarce availability of this raw material. There are relatively few top manufacturers who are able to obtain a stable source of good quality Bilberry and do the required extraction process on it to provide this active ingredient to the market. Consequently, some companies have come to look for new botanicals that contain Anthocyanidins.

Cactus Botanics introduced Anthocyanidin extracted from Black Soybean Hull in Feb. 2006. After that, Cactus Botanics continued to look for other sources of Anthocyanidin. now, in early 2007, Cactus Botanics has completed the development of its new product-Anthocyanidins extracted from Black Currant Fruit. The Anthocyanidins content is 25% tested by UV, a similar specifiation to that of Bilberry Extract.

Cactus Botanics is ready to supply this product to its regular customers and also welcomes inquiries from new customers. For any questions, we invite a visit to our website or write to [email protected]

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