CANTOX to participate in International Symposium on Natural Products, Botswana Africa

CANTOX Health Sciences International is preparing to launch its veterinary natural supplements business at the International Symposium on Natural Products in Botswana, Africa in February 2008. Dr. Wendy Pearson, Animal Science and Nutrition Consultant, will present innovative proof-of-principle research which evaluates an herbal product for the treatment of cartilage inflammation in animals. The research model was designed to provide insight into potential bioactivity of a novel herbal product for horses, and demonstrates that the product has significant cartilage-sparing effect and reduces nitrogen radicals produced by inflammation. The experimental model is a creative and cost-effective method that the industry sponsor can now employ for broad screening of potential new herbal anti-inflammatory ingredients for new product development.

The International Symposium on Natural Products in Africa will provide an international audience of scientists from academia and industry alike, and will provide an ideal venue for this innovative product to find investors, partners and potential distributors. This invited presentation comes on the heels of the recent technical publication of the research results in a respected, peer-reviewed scientific journal.

CANTOX Health Sciences International offers an unprecedented level of Research and Development support for the veterinary natural supplements industry. Whether your need is for expert data analysis and report preparation of in-house research, design and management of an out-source research program, or assistance in accessing research funding, contact CANTOX to find out how we can help.

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