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Capsugel encapsulates innovation with best-selling vegetarian capsules

Capsugel encapsulates innovation with best-selling vegetarian capsules

Capsugel, now one of the world’s largest capsule manufacturers, got its start 135 years ago as a part of Parke-Davis and has operated under Warner-Lambert and Pfizer. This year after being purchased by KKR, Capsugel will operate as a stand-alone company.

When it comes to businesses that have been around for more than 100 years, Capsugel is in good company. Names like Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motors, General Electric, and my favorite, Tiffany & Co., spring to mind.

With business and manufacturing centers in 11 locations around the globe, Capsugel is tapped into the world-wide regulatory climate and can help its clients navigate those often murky waters. “We understand the regulatory environment from country to country so Capsugel can provide regulatory advice based on our experience in markets around the world,” says Mark Vieceli, director of sales, marketing and business development at Capsugel.

At Capsugel it doesn’t stop at manufacturing. The team will help supplement companies develop the most effective, innovative, and in-demand formula and dosage solutions for the target market and ingredient requirements. “Customers don’t just buy capsules in a box from us—they look to partner for innovative products and solutions,” says Vieceli. He adds that “our objective is to help our customers grow.”

To that end, Capsugel sponsors market research—specialized market studies on consumer preferences, natural product trends, and professional market overviews—and even provides its clients with access to Nielsen and Euromonitor so they can track their competitiveness. “[It’s] a major investment on our part but one that provides tangible results for our customers,” explains Vieceli.

And this kind of investment has paid off, keeping Capsugel ahead of the curve. More than 10 years ago Capsugel pioneered VCaps, a vegetarian capsule, when it first saw the market begin shifting toward a healthy-living consumer, a segment including consumers with cultural and dietary concerns about their supplements.

VCaps, made of plant-based hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), continue to be the world’s best-selling vegetarian capsules. Capsugel improved upon the product over the years, offering more color options and recently it improved the vegetarian probiotic line to address customer concerns. “Customers told us they needed capsules with not only lower moisture, but one that provided a better way to protect probiotics so they would be released in the intestinal tract rather than the stomach,” says Vieceli. DRcaps capsules, and low moisture capsules—both using HPMC—provide for flexible and targeted delivery of probiotics and other moisture sensitive ingredients.

From organic to Kosher KO, Kosher Orthodox Union and Halal certifications, Capsugel covers the needs of all their customers.

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