Capsugel Launches an Improved Laboratory -Scale Liquid Capsule Filling and Sealing (CFS) Machine

LONDON, October 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Capsugel, the leading supplier of capsules
for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries, today announced the
launch of the CFS1200, an improved version of its laboratory-scale Capsule
Filling and Sealing system.

This updated machine offers R&D laboratories several significant improvements
over its predecessor, the CFS1000, which is currently used extensively by
pharmaceutical development scientists to fill and seal capsules with liquid
formulations. The CFS1200 utilizes Capsugel's patented LEMS (Liquid
Encapsulation Micro-Spray) Technology.

The CFS1200 employs a unique micro-dosing technology, which offers automated
capsule filling and sealing for preparation of early stage clinical trial
supplies. Specifically designed to allow formulation scientists a better
ability to exploit the potential of lipid based or poorly soluble compounds,
the CFS1200 helps accelerate the development timeframe and achieve 'Faster Time
to First in Man(TM)', or the critical go/no go decision point for new molecules
within the pharmaceutical development process.

David Edwards, Capsugel's Director of Pharmaceutical Technology, said "While
the CFS1000 has been widely accepted in the industry, our market research and
dialogue with customers has identified the need for additional features. The
CFS1200 has been developed directly as a result of this feedback, particularly
in respect of a higher throughput rate, improved capsule handling and sealing,
more accurate temperature control and better cleanability. All of these
features are included in the new product".

Keith Hutchison, Vice President of R&D at Capsugel said "Going forward, a key
part of Capsugel's strategy is to focus more on providing integrated solutions
to customer's problems. The new CFS1200 enables Pharmaceutical R&D departments
to overcome some major Formulation Development challenges such as those of
poorly soluble drugs and highly potent new molecules. We see the CFS1200 as a
key part of our strategy in this area."

The new CFS1200 will be on display on the Capsugel Booth 829, Hall C at the
AAPS Exposition in San Antonio, Texas, USA, October 29th- November 2nd 2006.

Further information is available at

Capsugel is the world's leading manufacturer and developer of capsule products,
equipment and services for the pharmaceutical and associated healthcare
industries, and is a division of Pfizer, Inc.

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