Changsha Nutramax Inc. Provide A New Sweeter Stevia Extract 98% Rebaudioside A

In past few years, Stevia Extract have received great attention due to its notable benefit for vision function and safety profile. The Stevia Extract market has been growing rapidly, from annual sales of USD $5200 ~ 800 million to one of the top 20 herbal products in global market within just a few years.

Due to the acceptance of Stevia Extract in the marketplace and the rapidly increased volume of sales, particularly for Stevia Extract 98% Rebaudioside A, its raw material price has been increased to the current $1.5/Kg from $0/5/Kg in 1998.

In order to fill the supply gap due to great market performance of Stevia Extract , Changsha Nutramax Inc. one of the star enterprises of plant extract industry in China, is willing to work towards gaining bigger market share for Chinese Stevia products. After three months of intensive research and analysis within our R&D department, we found stevia plant in South of China is match for plant stevia leaf, so that we get a way to meet the quantity rising for stevia product.

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