CNI Announces the Market Launch of the first nutritional texturizer: EQUACIA(TM)

Rouen, March 2007 - Colloides Naturels International (CNI) announces the global market launch of their innovative new product EQUACIA™, an association of Acacia gum fibers and wheat fibers.

EQUACIA™ is the latest breakthrough in the company’s range of nutritional products. Obtained from an innovative and proprietary process, EQUACIA™ brings technological properties (thickening & stabilizing properties, water binder, fat replacer and mouthfeel enhancer) and enriches at the same time in two different kind of fibers. The soluble fibers have a prebiotic effect and the insoluble fibers have a mechanical effect on the transit.

EQUACIA™ develops its viscosity immediately after dissolution. It is neither affected by pH nor temperature, guaranteeing viscosity even after heating. EQUACIA™ is particularly suited for applications in bakery, ice cream, mayonnaise, sauces and confectionery and goes through all the food process.

Example of application: in bakery, EQUACIA™ is effective at use levels of 1-2%, reducing thus up to 50% of fats. The staling effect is reduced, the water content is increased, the organoleptic properties are enhanced or preserved. This extremely high level of functionality and effectiveness provides major cost savings while also ensuring superior smoothness over time.

EQUACIA™ is granulated, dust-free and flows easily to facilitate ease of handling and dispersion. The very quick hydration of EQUACIA™ offers significant time savings in the plant and increased productivity.

EQUACIA™ is labeled as gum Acacia (Acacia fiber) and wheat fiber and benefits from the valuable linkage to an all natural product, which is GRAS, GMO-free, no allergen with high microbiological purity.

Colloides Naturels International (CNI), operating in more than 75 countries, is the world's leading manufacturer of Acacia gum. CNI is a family-owned organization, has a rich history of hydrocolloid innovation for over 100 years. CNI is dedicated to driving innovation through interactive collaboration with customers and continues to explore broader applications for their specialty hydrocolloid products or for blends of fibers.

CNI - We add nothing to nature but innovation!™

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Colloides Naturels International
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