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CO YO brand coconut yogurt fills hole in special diets market

Over 31 million Americans have some level of lactose intolerance, highlighting the market opportunity for rich, creamy, dairy-free yogurt alternatives.

With an ever-growing demand for healthy, dairy-free foods across America, and Southern California in particular, the market penetration of CO YO’s coconut yogurt alternative was just a matter of time. Consumer reports reveal yogurt sales are up, for Greek and non-Greek products, in the US to just over $6.5billion. Yet, as many as 30 million American adults and children are diagnosed with some level of lactose intolerance, many of which still crave healthy snack foods that have a rich, creamy taste and texture unique to yogurt.

Fulfilling this demand and catering to consumers with special allergies to dairy or the desire for a plant-based menu, CO YO introduces its CO YO brand of creamy, coconut yogurt alternative that is lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and zero sugar added. Every container of CO YO is made from one whole coconut, which means it contains a full abundance of vitamins, fiber and nutrients specific to healthy metabolism.

“The market research is clear. More Americans, especially Californians are eating healthier, which means we’re introducing the ideal product at the right time to a very interested audience,” says Ian Johnson, who introduced CO YO to the US market with longtime business partner, Chuck Waghorne.

The time is right for CO YO’s all-natural, coconut based product because the industry demands for a yogurt alternative and a growing population of consumers who are moving away from dairy for want or necessity.With its delicious, tangy, velvety flavor, CO YO is also a new favorite among regular yogurt consumers with its four (4) unique, gourmet flavors: Natural, Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Mango. CO YO comes in 2 sizes of re-sealable containers— a 5.3oz size for convenient on-the-go snacking, and a 12oz container for sharing or stocking the fridge at home.

For those who fuel their body with the quality, nutritious ingredients, CO YO happily provides “Heaven in a Mouthful, an enjoyable, creamy yogurt alternative.

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