Companies named in the Oprah/Oz suit filed in Manhattan’s Federal Court on Aug. 20, 2009

Defendant: FWM Laboratories, Inc.


Defendant: CPX Interactive LLC


Defendant: Netalab Corp


Defendant: Gillmap Limited


Defendant: Minired UAB


Defendant: Nutra Lane LLC


Defendant: Central Coast Nutraceuticals


Defendant: Pure Nutrients


Defendant: B67 Nutra Pure Systems


Defendant: SFL Nutrition, LLC


Defendant: Açai Berry Breeze


Defendant: Life Fit Labs LLC


Defendant: Rejuvenate Worldwide


Defendant: Healthbuy.com


Defendant: Physical Enhancement Labs


Defendant: MyColonRelief


Defendant: XM Labs LLC


Defendant: Rauscher Bekke, LLC


Defendant: Body Solution


Defendant: 456 Vital Health Systems, LLC


Defendant: JDW Media, LLC


Defendant: Pure Vitamins


Defendant: Xlent Health


Defendant: Organica Research LLC


Defendant: Incline Health Ltd.


Defendant: Health Technology


Defendant: Natural Source Store, LLC


Defendant: 0841092 B.C. Ltd.


Defendant: Bottom Two Investments


Defendant: Healthrezv, LLC


Defendant: Healthy Colon, Inc.


Defendant: Redux-V Holdings, Inc.


Defendant: Easy White, Inc.


Defendant: Jet Processing


Defendant: Monavie AS, LLC


Defendant: Brazilian Basics


Defendant: L'Avenir


Defendant: Ultra Green Products, LLC


Defendant: Rezberries


Defendant: Crush LLC


Defendant: 3V Marketing, LLC


Defendant: James Russell


Defendant: Mike Johnson


Defendant: David Dube


Defendant: Katherine Clements


Defendant: Pawel Reszka


Defendant: Mike Koens


Defendant: Touvan Sughiarto


Defendant: Ryan Bukevicz


Defendant: Mark Swartz


Defendant: Matthew Kelly


Defendant: Sidney Fein


Defendant: Does and ABC Companies 1-500

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