Compound Solutions Announces CoQ10 Agreement with Premier Manufacturer in China

ESCONDIDO, Calif., Aug 28, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Compound Solutions, an innovator of new products and distributor of nutritional ingredients, is pleased to announce its agreement to represent Hangzhou Zhongmeihuadong Pharmaceutical (HZH) in CoQ10 distribution across North America and Europe. HZH is one of China's most prestigious pharmaceutical companies, and part of the larger Huadong Medicine Group. The agreement was announced August 28, 2006, by Compound Solutions CEO Barry Titlow.

"We are honored HZH chose Compound Solutions to distribute its CoQ10 across North America and Europe. The synergy and experience of our two companies in CoQ10 research, production, marketing and new product development is unparalleled in the world. HZH and Compound Solutions presents a powerful resource for clients seeking a reliable, science-based source for one of the world's most widely used nutritional ingredients," said Titlow.

CoQ10 is supported by extensive and respected scientific research documenting its efficacy and safety in energy production, cardiovascular health, and more. A powerful antioxidant and catalyst for ATP (energy production in the human body), CoQ10 is essential for the optimal health and function of all cells, tissues and organs. Without adequate levels of CoQ10, the body will become chronically fatigued, and the immune system compromised.

CoQ10 occurs naturally in the body and is found in small amounts in some foods, but at levels too low for therapeutic benefit. The amount of CoQ10 in the body decreases with age, as well as in users of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Supplementation with CoQ10 has positive clinical results in areas including heart disease, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's disease and periodontal disease.

During the last few years, CoQ10 has been in short supply, due to intense demand. The agreement between Compound Solutions and HZH will help ensure a consistent global supply of high-quality CoQ10. HZH is not only a reliable supplier of fermentation-produced CoQ10, but, like Compound Solutions, HZH is also a leader in research and development and operates under strict pharmaceutical GMP standards.

The HZH plant was recently inspected and passed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for one of its pharmaceutical products. HZH is the first Chinese manufacturer of cyclosporine, a pharmaceutical used to prevent organ transplant rejection.

Compound Solutions CEO Barry Titlow is chairman of the AOAC International CoQ10 Standards Committee, funded by the National Institutes of Health. Mr. Titlow's committee is chartered with developing and validating a globally accepted testing standard for CoQ10.

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Compound Solutions Inc. is a new product innovator and leading science- based global ingredient supplier for food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, from smaller manufacturers to Fortune 100 companies. More than 35 years of industry experience allows the company to leverage its technical expertise to proactively support formulation, manufacturing and other aspects of customer product development.

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