Consumers to pick UAS LifeSciences' women's nonprofit donee

Consumers to pick UAS LifeSciences' women's nonprofit donee

Probiotic company will donate to a women’s nonprofit chosen by consumers via UAS's website and social media.

UAS LifeSciences has announced they will be donating to a women’s non-profit of consumers’ choice during the month of October. The non-profit will be chosen by UAS LifeSciences consumers through their website ( and social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Consumers will have the option to add their favorite non-profit to the list or vote for an organization already submitted to the poll. The voting will begin Aug. 13 and end Sept. 22, with the chosen non-profit being announced on Sept. 23.

"At UAS LifeSciences we strive to make a difference in the world, not just for gut health, but for people that are less fortunate or experiencing life challenges,” said Matthew Osborn, marketing manager of UAS LifeSciences

The non-profit chosen will receive 25 cents for every box of UP4 WOMEN’S sold during the month of October. In addition a second donation will be made to a local women’s non-profit to be chosen by the employees of our Wausau, Wis., manufacturing facility.

Currently, UAS LifeSciences donates 25 cents for every box of UP4 KIDS CUBES sold to the non-profit organization, Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels delivers life-changing vitamins and minerals to mothers and children in need, and year to date, UAS has supported over 7,000 children.

UAS LifeSciences is looking forward to expanding their culture of giving and helping those in need. 

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