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A conversation with Icebox Water's youngest brand ambassador, Quinn Kingsbury

Jenna Fitch interviews Quinn Kingsbury Icebox Water brand ambassador
Quinn Kingsbury, an athlete and active sustainability proponent, is setting out to positively change the world with Icebox Water. 

At a time when consumers are seriously questioning bottled water's impact on the earth, Icebox water is stepping up to change the story around bottled water. The product that Icebox Water has created features spring water that is packaged at its source in Notre Dame Bay, Canada. It is also packaged in BPA free cardboard and pressed paper packaging that is 100 percent recyclable. The result? Its carbon footprint is 74 percent less than traditional PET plastic bottles currently taking up space in landfills.

To help promote its sustainable products and a more healthy way of living, Icebox Water recently added Quinn Kingsbury to its brand ambassador team. Exposed to the natural products and healthy lifestyle industry from a young age (Quinn's father, Dave Kingsbury, is former VP of product development at New Hope Network), Quinn is a "natural" for this job. A mountain biker and avid athlete, he loves representing the boxed water company.

To learn more, we caught up with Quinn and his family for a quick interview.

What is it about Icebox Water that made you want to be a brand ambassador? Is there anything about this company that makes it stand out among other bottled water companies?

Quinn Kingsbury: Yeah! We're working with Eco-Cycle at school and trying not to waste plastic. I also want to help the environment. I chose Icebox since its packaging is reusable.

What do you hope to accomplish as an ambassador? Is there a message you want to spread?

QK: I want to help other people get off the couch, and I want my friend to stop playing four hours of video games a day. [This is good because we want his friend to stop playing four hours of video games a day too!]

How do you think you can encourage others to get off the couch? What would you like them to do instead?

QK: I want them to be outside, having fun, doing activities. I don't want them to be sitting inside playing video games.

Are there any responsibilities associated with being a brand ambassador? 

QK: You have to wear the hat and clothing your sponsor gives you. Drink the water. You can make clothing. I'm always thinking about what new things we can make. Maybe we could make a shirt?

What do you tell people when they ask what Icebox Water is?

QK: It's water that comes in a box that you can refill, reuse and recycle. There's no plastic. And it’s a really cool company because it helps the environment.

Any parting words?

Dave Kingsbury: Stay hydrated. Because safety is no accident.

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