Country Life to Launch 'Sharp Thought' using Enzymotec's novel Sharp-PS(TM) GOLD cognitive supplement

Enzymotec and Country Life announced today the launch of a novel cognitive brand, based on Enzymotec's exclusive, patent protected Sharp-PSTM GOLD nutrient.

Country Life's "Sharp Thought" will be the first to market in the natural food industry with this revolutionary PS-DHA conjugate.

Sharp-PSTM GOLD is a form of PS that mimics brain PS and allows both a greater brain availability of DHA and the combined action of PS and DHA to improve cognitive performance.

"This recent launch by country life is yet another important step in achieving cognitive market dominance taking leadership in both science and quality". Says Ariel Katz, Enzymotec CEO. "Our company has already developed several cutting edge nutrients to address cognitive conditions and population groups as in the case of our recent ADHD trial. Other novel supplements are filling our pipeline." concludes Dr. Katz.

Country Life is a 38 year old company founded by the Drexler family. The Drexler family has a deep belief in offering the highest quality supplements to the natural products industry. They manufacture all of their products under NNFA GMP certified guidelines.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, a developer and a manufacturer of innovative, biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, and infant formula. The company develops and produces novel, lipid-based ingredients among which are: CardiaBeatTM for CVD management, Sharp-PSTM and Sharp-PSTM GOLD for improving cognitive performance and InFatTM for balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers.

Enzymotec will present its Sharp-PSTM GOLD as-well as its other novel ingredients in the coming Supply-side west trade show at booth no.6094

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