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Cutting-edge research

Cinnamon is sweet for diabetics
AM Todd's patented aqueous cinnamon extract, CinSulin, was found in a human clinical trial to lower both blood-sugar levels both two hours after a carbohydrate meal as well as after two months in 137 subjects.
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Omega-3s help babies' immunity
Results of a new study in the June 2010 issue of The Journal of Pediatrics show that infants fed Enfamil LIPIL containing DHA and ARA during the first year of life experienced improved immune outcomes, including improved respiratory health, and this health benefit was shown for the first three years of life.
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Functional drinks just got a new tool
The R&D team at National Starch Food Innovation, looking at further uses for its emulsifier, Q-Naturale, said results showed that it is highly suited to clear beverages such as vitamin waters due to its compatibility with natural colors.
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