Cypress Systems Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement with Garuda International, Inc.

Cypress Systems, Inc. a Fresno, CA based biotechnology company is pleased to announce that it has signed a world-wide strategic distribution agreement with Garuda International Inc. The two companies will join forces to serve the dietary supplement, functional food and specialty nutrition markets with the complete line of the Cypress yeast based mineral products. The flagship product in the Cypress line is SelenoExcell® High Selenium Yeast, which holds a Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) with the Cancer Prevention Division of the National Cancer Institute. SelenoExcell® High selenium Yeast is currently the sole intervention agent in a series of cancer prevention (colon, lung and prostate) and health related trials. A GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Assessment has been completed on SelenoExcell®, which further affirms the products safety in selected human foods.

Mr. Bassam Faress, director of sales & marketing at Garuda International, Inc. commented “we are pleased to include SelenoExcell® in our product lineup and anticipate that this extensively researched and branded raw material product will quickly become one of our popular ingredients worldwide”, he adds “ with Cypress Systems, we feel that natural products and ingredients should be backed by science and we see this exemplified in SelenoExcell®. We are excited to join efforts with Cypress Systems, Inc.”

Garuda International Inc. is based in Exeter, CA (USA) and has specialized in the development and marketing of ingredients derived from natural sources for more than 25years. The company is internationally recognized for pioneering the development of natural milk calcium in the United States under the COWCIUM brand and now offers more than 90 products distributed to a global customer base spanning more than 30 countries. Garuda International continues to develop ingredients specifically designed to target and support a healthy lifetsyle, naturally. In addition to it's well known LesstanoL Policosanol and natural saponins, the company is also known for its selection of innovative nutraceutical and functional ingredients. Recent product additions now include a unique offering of polyphenols, cardio aids as well as blood-sugar balancing solutions. Garuda International, Inc. also continues to distribute Genesis R&D SQL, the industry standard in food/beverage and nutraceutical product development and labeling Software.

Paul A. Willis
Cypress Systems, Inc.
Ph; 559-229-7850
Fx: 559-225-9007

Bassam Faress
Garuda International, Inc.
Ph: 559-594-4380
Fx: 559-594-4689

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