Cyvex Launches New Version of Antioxidant Wheel

As a leading supplier of premium, science-based ingredients, Cyvex Nutrition announces its updated Antioxidant Wheel. The antioxidant wheel, the company’s novel, educational tool for marketing partners and R&D formulators shows all of Cyvex’ antioxidant ingredients derived from various fruits and vegetables. The Antioxidant Wheel features summaries for each of the company’s proprietary antioxidants.

The new antioxidant ingredients added to the updated Antioxidant Wheel include BioVin Advanced, French Red Wine Extract with 5% Resveratrol, Pomegranate 40% Punicalagins, Q-Vida, Quebracho extract, and Alfapro, Alfalfa Juice Protein Concentrate .

“Our ingredient portfolio continues to grow with exciting, novel, science-based ingredients for dietary supplements, beverages and functional foods. We have more than 15 fruit- and vegetable-derived antioxidants, each with its own proprietary composition and indications for specific use,” explains Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition. “We wanted to create a quick and easy educational tool that was concise and easy to reference for industry R&D and marketing professionals.”

The wheel consists of two-sided middle wheels in between two smaller wheels. The middle wheel presents the antioxidant nutraceuticals in pie pieces. A cut-out pie-window on one side of the middle wheel presents the active components, recommended serving size and amount of active components per serving for each antioxidant; in the cut-out pie window on the opposite side one can read a short description of the potential benefits of the antioxidant. All Cyvex signature ingredients are listed on the front smaller wheel. The back smaller wheel presents in concise form important information about plant antioxidants (e.g., sulforaphane, anthocyanins, polyphenols, ORAC and glucosinolates).

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