Cyvex Nutrition Enhances Web Portal Functionality

In its ongoing efforts to provide customers and potential customers with the most current research and product update information, Cyvex Nutrition has revamped its website to be more highly interactive, informative and responsive.

While the visual design elements remain the same to keep branding recognition, now offers several new features:

Health Conditions: Cyvex’s proprietary branded ingredients are now organized around health condition-specific formulas. The categories are anti-aging, antioxidant, brain and cognitive health, cardiovascular support, eye and vision health, joint support, and women’s health, with more to be added in the future.

New Ingredients: For those companies seeking to distinguish themselves by being one of first to market, this section highlights how they can get there. To maintain its cutting edge product development focus, this section allows customers to evaluate and comment on its new product pipeline.

In addition, features a blog, and its newsletter. Visitors can sign up to receive the newsletter and can also request ingredient technical bulletins.

“We just successfully launched a social media outreach campaign with Facebook and Twitter, synergizing with our new interactive website to take full advantage of how industry professionals network, communicate and research,” says Matt Phillips, President, Cyvex Nutrition. “Since its inception, Cyvex has embraced utilization of new technology and we are continuing our tradition with our enhanced website.”

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