Danisco's Probiotic Supplements Have a New Home on the Web

With probiotics becoming more widely recognised as a natural way to improve wellbeing, Danisco has created a new website focused on communicating the benefits of their industry-leading probiotics.

The new site, www.daniscosupplements.com, features the HOWARU® and FloraFIT® brands, two ranges of beneficial bacteria shown to strengthen the gut, boost immune defence and enhance other aspects of wellbeing.

To advance its customers’ knowledge, Danisco’s site offers a wealth of information about the health benefits of probiotics, the science behind them, delivery format possibilities, along with the latest research and industry news.

Also featured is information about Danisco’s brand licensing program that can help customers communicate the advantages of probiotics to consumers. As a HOWARU® licensee, customers can employ the brands’ unique proprietary marketing concepts and use the consumer-friendly HOWARU® logo on their product packaging and marketing materials.

Sharing knowledge is a key theme of the new site and also reflected in Danisco’s highly responsive technical and regulatory support and focus on customer service excellence. The user can easily access literature and general information about products by clicking The Resource Library or they can Ask the Expert and obtain concise answers to a list of FAQs.

Our probiotic portfolio includes two proven and trusted brands. Danisco’s HOWARU® premium probiotic range provides condition-specific health benefits documented in gold standard human clinical studies. On the other hand, should you desire a solution unique to you, we offer a vast range of strains – Danisco’s FloraFIT® customisable probiotics, which provide infinite possibilities for creating tailored and unique formulations.

Danisco is a world leader in the emerging science of probiotics and has the expertise to inform and educate the marketplace. At Danisco, the slogan fits: First you add knowledge…

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