Designs for Health joins US-China HPA

Designs for Health joins US-China HPA

In an effort to expand upon its success in the U.S., Designs for Health is extending services to the international market.

The U.S.-China Health Products Association (USCHPA) is pleased to welcome Designs for Health as the newest member of the association. The association looks forward to working closely with Designs for Health and its team to work towards a more open and transparent regulatory system in China as well as increase education about the importance of dietary supplements.

“In an effort to expand upon our success at home, we are extending our services to the international market. As China moves toward a system of health care that is focused on prevention, it is natural that there would be a growing demand for high quality supplements. In our dedication to quality, we understand the need to be involved politically in an effort to help protect the integrity of our industry. This is why we chose to align ourselves with HPA, an association of action and sincerity.”  –Usha Martin, director of business development

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