Detox Summit set for August

Detox Summit set for August

Online Detox Summit, presented by nutritionist and author Deanna Minich and the Institute for Functional Medicine, will feature experts on the role toxins in health, followed by a 21-day Detox Challenge.

Functional Medicine nutritionist and author, Deanna Minich, PhD, in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), is pleased to announce an international, online Detox Summit featuring experts on the role of toxins in health that will take place during the first week of August of 2014, followed by a 21-day Detox Challenge that everyone can participate in during the month of September.

The word “detox” is a catch-all term that means many things to people: drug and alcohol detoxification, nutritional detoxification, or cleanses using food, smoothies, and juices. During this informational event, 30 experts will discuss all aspects of detoxification. These experts include physicians, other health professionals, and researchers who will provide the latest clinical approaches for identifying and encouraging the elimination of environmental toxins. In addition to treatment of the body’s toxin burden, the Detox Summit will address emotional/mental toxins accumulated in the course of relationships, stressful interactions, and life experiences. Experts in self-help will discuss their tried-and-true techniques for transformation.

This combination of experts from various areas of medicine, nutrition, and personal growth makes this Summit unique, while offering a well-rounded, credible approach to a much-debated issue. Summit spokesperson Deanna Minich, PhD, stated, “‘Detox’ is a buzz word, and it brings with it much confusion and misinterpretation, which is why I conceived The Detox Summit—to investigate the science and self-help behind this movement of health. The Detox Summit, with 30 experts like functional medicine physician and best-selling author, Mark Hyman, MD, nutrigenomics pioneer and founder of Functional Medicine, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, and neurologist and best-selling author, David Perlmutter, MD, plus many others, will help guide and inform the public on topics like endocrine disruptors and fertility, dental amalgams, laboratory tests for determining whether we are toxic, and why we should watch out for gluten and genetically modified foods.”

Participants will be able to follow up the Detox Summit with the Detox Challenge—working with IFM Faculty and IFM Certified Practitioners to put their knowledge and enthusiasm for detoxification into practice in their own lives.

Laurie Hofmann, CEO of IFM, stated, “The Institute for Functional Medicine is pleased to collaborate with  Deanna Minich, PhD, on the upcoming Detox Summit and Detox Challenge planned for August and September 2014. Deanna has served as a passionate, creative, and deeply knowledgeable member of our Functional Nutrition development team and faculty. We are thrilled to collaborate with Deanna on the Detox Summit and Detox Challenge and look forward to the opportunity of unveiling some of IFM’s personalized nutrition and food plan suites as part of these two very important and exciting online events. We hope that clinicians and patients alike will seize this unique opportunity to participate in both the education-oriented Summit and the experiential/interactive Challenge.”

The Institute for Functional Medicine Medical Director, Patrick Hanaway, MD, comments, “Using food and nutrition to assist the body in detoxification may seem new to some, but has been a well-established practice in traditional healing systems and functional medicine practices. Increasing evidence in mainstream medical journals indicates the burden of toxicity on health. For example, new research indicates that chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are all associated with environmental toxins in the body. We need to start looking at the root of chronic diseases rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Identifying the root cause of disease and treating with a personalized approach is what we embrace in Functional Medicine. Detoxification is one way to treat an important root cause of many diseases.”

The Detox Summit is an online event. Interested persons can sign up via During the week of August 4 to 10, 2014, people who have registered for the event will have free access to audio recordings of cutting-edge interviews with 30 experts in the area of toxicity on everything from environmental toxins in food, air, and water to internally-generated toxins such as thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Listeners will not only be informed of the perils of these poisons, but, more importantly, will be taught about breakthrough solutions to reduce and transform them for healthier living. More information on The Detox Challenge will be released this summer. Join The Detox Summit movement now to become informed by the world’s brightest minds on toxicity and what you can do to become healthy! Find us at and Facebook at 

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