DianaPlantSciences launches PlantCellCulture.com

DianaPlantSciences launches PlantCellCulture.com

Website aims to educate about plant cell culture technology and its advantages for producing plant-derived ingredients.

DianaPlantSciences has developed and introduced PlantCellCulture.com to serve as an information-based website educating individuals about plant cell culture technology and its advantages for producing plant-derived ingredients. Plant cell culture technology is the growth and reproduction of plants, plant tissues, and/or plant cells in a controlled environment. This technology allows for the sustainable production of plant cells with desired components important for human use.

"DianaPlantSciences is the leader in developing active whole plant cell nutritional ingredients through plant cell culture technology," said Marc Philouze, president of DianaPlantSciences. "We want PlantCellCulture.com to serve as the reference site for individuals wanting to understand the background and benefits of plant cell culture technology."

The website offers basic information about plant cell culture technology, the benefits associated with plant cell culture, a list of scientific references discussing its development, the manufacturing process and the global need as well as a section of frequently asked questions.

"With arable land becoming limited as well as rare and endangered plant species being threatened, plant cell culture technology allows for the growth of vital plant cells in a controlled environment significantly reducing water and energy needs. The technology is sustainable and produces useful ingredients for a broad range of applications," said Philouze.

The process of producing products from plant cell culture technology utilizes non-GMO methods where the whole plant cell remains intact throughout the entire process and cells are carefully selected to exhibit the best concentration and distribution of targeted actives naturally inherent to the plant. DianaPlantSciences is now commercializing the first ingredient—Cocovanol™ Cocoa Powder—based on the technology.

DianaPlantSciences is seeking collaborative partnerships to produce ingredients from plant cell culture technology. For more information, contact DianaPlantSciences at (503) 505-6977.


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