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DNP International announces higher quarterly sales

WHITTIER, Calif. (April 11, 2008) DNP International’s first-quarter sales rose 28.41 percent from the previous year, fueled by the expansion of its customer base and larger order amounts from existing customers.

Recently, the raw ingredients industry has been suffering due to a strain on other raw materials, such as oil. Price increases, therefore, have become unavoidable in order for businesses to maintain steady profit levels.

President David Ji noted that, although DNP would be justified in significantly raising its prices, customers would feel more confident in a company that places customer care above its own profit margins. “While no company looking to make a profit can keep price levels exactly the same forever, there are other incentives and benefits we can offer all our customers,” he said. “For example, our older customers recognize that we have not increased our repacking and other service fees for over three years.”

In a slowing economy, DNP’s steady rate of large growth has been impressive. Ji attributed this success to several factors but stressed the ultimate importance of customer relations: “We are grateful to have so many strong relationships that contribute to the sustained level of growth for our company, and we look forward to even more growth throughout 2008.”

About DNP International Co., Inc.
DNP International Co., Inc. imports and distributes raw material ingredients to manufacturers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, supplements, cosmetics and feed industries. Founded in 1994, DNP is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials in the United States and sources over 2,500 different ingredients. DNP is headquartered in Southern California and has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey and Shanghai, China. For more information, visit


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