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Door to Door Organics partners with CO on wellness program

Door to Door Organics partners with CO on wellness program

Door to Door Organics delivers organic produce to almost 20,000 state employees.

Governor John Hickenlooper and the State of Colorado launched the “State of Colorado Employee Wellness Program” and chose Colorado’s Door to Door Organics to help ensure its success. Door to Door Organics, an organic and natural grocery service delivering Good Food directly to homes, offices, and schools across Colorado and other states, is delivering 528 healthy snack boxes of farm-fresh organic fruit to more than 100 Colorado state office locations in two waves, the first July 1 and 2, the second late July/early August, reaching approximately 20,000 employees total.

The goal of the Employee Wellness Program is to improve the overall health of Colorado’s workforce, and for state employees to inspire others to follow suit. “We have state offices all over Colorado that we want to involve and inspire with this Employee Wellness Program,” said Nate Sassano, state wellness coordinator. “Door to Door Organics shares our values of health and wellness, and has a large delivery network; they are the perfect partner to help us kick off this program in a big way.”

"We’re much more than just an online grocery store—we're in the business of making Good Food choices simple and supporting a healthy lifestyle,” said Door to Door Organics president and CEO Chad Arnold. “We empower people to eat Good Food—food that positively impacts health, communities, and the environment."

Colorado state agencies worked with the creators of wellness programs from around the U.S. to create the Colorado State Employee Wellness Program. The program is voluntary and available to all state employees who sign up through a social network hosted by Caféwell at The program includes online health coaching, customizable health challenges, access to wellness resources, and prizes and financial rewards. Employees who participate in a state-sponsored health insurance plan are also eligible to receive a credit of up to $20 per month toward their health insurance premium.

In order to help the state’s employees incorporate healthy eating into their lives on a long-term basis, Door to Door Organics is encouraging them to set up a weekly office fruit box delivery. Each box comes with 35-45 pieces of organic fruit (including locally sourced items as available,) making it easy for everyone to replace junk food snacks with healthy choices. They are also offering the employees a trial $10 off their home delivery service, and holding a special sweepstakes for a chance to win $500-worth of organic and natural groceries. Door to Door Organics is also encouraging state offices to form “co-ops,” which are formed when four or more orders are delivered to the same location, generating a discount, and reducing overall carbon footprint.

For more information on Door to Door Organics, visit For more information on eating more healthfully at the office, see our blog post: For more information on the State of Colorado Employee Wellness Program, visit

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