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Door to Door Organics transforms online grocery

Door to Door Organics transforms online grocery

Innovative, proprietary, contextual commerce platform delivers a simple and personalized organic, natural and local online grocery experience.

A newly transformed online shopping experience from Door to Door Organics makes it easy for consumers to incorporate high-quality organic, natural and local food into their busy lifestyle. The new and improved Shop is yet another tool driven by Door to Door Organics’ contextual commerce platform. The platform is a critical component to help the company reach more than $40 million in revenue in 2014.

“We architected a shopping platform that addresses underlying consumer challenges with online grocery,” stated Kristin Lindquist, vice president of product development for Door to Door Organics. “Using an iterative approach, we leveraged our customers to influence category organization, personalization, and our overall user experience approach.”

The result is a new Shop that simplifies how customers discover and purchase Good Food and maximizes the opportunity to positively impact customer satisfaction, retention and basket size.

The launch of Shop further establishes Door to Door Organics as an innovative leader driving the transition from the brick-and-mortar store to the technology-driven food experience. Specifically, Shop offers:

  • Contextual food shopping: Complementary and associated products and recipes create a guided and inspired shopping experience.
  • Personalization: Products are positioned based on historical customer buying behavior.
  • Restock: Simple, intuitive, repeatable solutions for regular customers to consolidate the planning and shopping process. Specific features include “My Frequent Purchases,” Shop by Recipe® and shopping list functionality.

Currently, 83 percent of customers say shopping with Door to Door Organics is more convenient than other grocery shopping options. The new Shop captures what consumers like about shopping at brick-and-mortar grocery stores, such as a wide selection and helpful product information to make buying decisions, but leaves out all the inconveniences, like navigating crowds and spending an average of up to an hour shopping. Customers no longer have to search aisles for sales since all sale items are consolidated into one, easy-to-shop spot.

“Door to Door Organics is rebuilding the way we buy and interact with what we eat, putting the customer at the center,” said Chad Arnold, CEO of Door to Door Organics. “The newly redesigned Shop enhances what we believe to be the best online grocery experience, making planning, shopping, and cooking even easier for today’s busy, but food-conscious  consumers.”

As a leader in the technology driven food experience, Door to Door Organics is committed to improving grocery shopping through customer-centric, lifestyle and value- motivated  innovation.


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