Dr. Organics Introduces New Nutraceutical Product

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan 16, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dr. Organics - a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based nutraceutical company - announces today the launch of Body Shot, the newest member and flagship of their product line, aimed at providing a pure, high quality and high energy health supplement for health conscious consumers.

"Now the same privileges - cutting edge products - afforded elite athletes are available to everyone," said Dr. Organics CEO and founder Matt Leavitt. "We believe this product is the purest and most effective product on the nutraceutical market."

Body Shot contains no fillers, additives or artificial ingredients, and is a product formulated after three years of research and study by some of the most demanding practitioners in the nutraceutical field, and as Leavitt says, "...helps people feel amazing."

Body Shot offers a full spectrum of multivitamins, sea vegetables and minerals, omegas, acai berry and other antioxidants. Body Shot also includes the powerful CoQ10 which is great for heart health as well as collagen and glucosamine for joint support.

"We're super excited about this new product and what it means for our consumers," stated Dr. Organics founder Nancy Leavitt. "Our main goal is to provide a pure, personal and passionate experience, we believe we're continuing to achieve that."

Body Shot is the newest member in Dr. Organics' pure, five-product line-up that includes products aimed at weight management, body detoxification and boosting energy. For more information on Body Shot and Dr. Organics, visit www.drorganics.com or call 952.233.1824.

About Dr. Organics
Founded in 2007, Dr. Organics has become a leader in marketing proprietary, health-related organic nutraceutical and personal-care products through a national network of nutraceutical representatives. To learn more about Dr. Organics, visit www.drorganics.com or call 952.233.1824.

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