DSM unveils new safety seal

Ingredients supplier DSM has launched a new mark, dubbed the 'Quality of Life' seal, which it says will guarantee ingredient quality and safety.

The company said the concept was developed in response to growing demand for "reliable and traceable products which meet today's stringent safety and sustainability requirements".

The seal offers a clear point of differentiation and the assurance that DSM is committed to ensuring product quality and safety, the company added.

"Quality for Life represents DSM's commitment to global quality, assuring customers the same ingredient quality and safety standards, wherever they are in the world," said Martijn Adorf, global marketing manager.

"Quality, reliability, traceability, sustainability and associated safety concerns are all highly topical issues which are influenced by regulatory developments which differ from country to country. The introduction of Quality for Life formalises these practices and gives customers a tangible certification of our promise."

On a website set up for the Quality for Life initiative — at www.qualityforlife.com — DSM says: "In recent years, a number of cases involving the contamination and adulteration of food have undermined consumer confidence in the food markets.

"As the only fully integrated player, DSM is uniquely positioned to provide full quality assurance and traceability all along this chain. Thanks to our advanced automated process and material management systems, we are able to precisely and rapidly track all our products within the supply chain and maintain the required information and documentation.

"In the rare event of an urgent ingredient investigation, we have global systems in place to immediately inquire and inform. All necessary actions are then undertaken to minimise business interruptions."

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