Natural Foods Merchandiser

The Efficient Way To License Natural Health Products In Canada

Natural health products of all types (vitamins and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, plant-based products, traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic medicines, omega 3, 6 and 9, probiotics, and some personal care products) need to be licensed prior to distribution in Canada. Your product may be eligible for the fast-track processing. Many applicants are not aware that exemption rules may exist. Let us manage all the necessary filings and submissions on behalf of your company. We will interact with Health Canada (the Canadian FDA equivalent), meet with regulators, and manage your file from start to finish.

Our objective is to make your compliance experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Our professional management team includes an in-house attorney with many years of experience in the health sector. We save you time, money and the manpower needed to prepare and file applications, search for rules and regulations and travel to meet regulators. We will do whatever is reasonably possible to expedite the process. Under certain conditions, product licenses can be obtained within 6 weeks.

For more info, please contact [email protected].

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