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Entrepreneur Profile: Elizabeth Stein, Founder of Purely Elizabeth

Entrepreneur Profile: Elizabeth Stein, Founder of Purely Elizabeth
A snapshot profile of Elizabeth Stein, founder of Purely Elizabeth.

What inspires you daily?

I started Purely Elizabeth when I was a holistic nutrition counselor. At the time I was learning about all these incredible superfood ingredients and realized they weren’t being incorporated into products on the grocery shelf. I wanted to create the most nutrient-rich, delicious recipes for clients so they could live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Purely Elizabeth was simply an extension of that on a much grander scale. It was a way to really make a difference beyond my small New York clientele.

What have been the critical factors on your road to success? 

  • Creating a unique, innovative product that stands a chance in such a competitive landscape
  • Building a great team that shared similar values and culture 
  • Surrounding myself with a group of people whom I could rely on for advice and support
  • Not growing too fast in the beginning in order to iron out any problems
  • Being able to stay calm in the face of adversity and issues
  • Building a brand that consumers could identify with and trust
  • Having the ability to adapt quickly and make timely decisions

How has the natural products industry (i.e. peers, mentors, community) enabled your success?

I have found that the natural products industry is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, especially coming from the fashion world. From day one, everyone was extremely helpful in offering advice and wisdom. I remember walking Expo East for the very first time when Purely Elizabeth was just an idea, and I met Justin from Justin’s Nut Butter. He could not have been nicer, offering to help with any questions. I am touched by that to this day, and try to do the same for others.

What do you wish you'd known early on in your business?

I was very naïve when I started Purely Elizabeth. I didn’t know anything about starting a food company. I definitely wish I had known more about working with distributors and co-packers. While it was difficult having limited knowledge of the industry, I actually think that it may have helped me. Rather then being overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear, I just dove in head-first and went with the attitude that I would figure it out along the way. I continue to do that today. 

What's on your iPod right now?

Counting Crows, Bob Marley, U2.  

How do you spend your free time?

Now that I am a Boulder local, I can’t wait to get outside during my free time. I love hiking, running, playing tennis and cooking. Cooking is total relaxation to me. 

What's a guilty pleasure of yours?

A warm bath, glass of wine, and a celebrity gossip magazine.    

What's a personal pet peeve? 

Not getting things right the first time. Or not getting things right period.

Give us the inside scoop on yourself. 

I’m currently writing my first cookbook, Eating Purely, to be published in Fall 2015! 

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