Entrepreneurship with the Late July Family

[video: id=streamhoster-http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/npi/ssherpe/061e0977-61ec-4108-a2df-779b3a7623ca.flv, thumb=http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/npi/ssherpe/633649541321084257.jpg]

Late July Organic Snacks PO Box 1078 3166 Main Street Barnstable, MA 02630 USA Ph: 508.362.5859 [email protected] www.latejuly.com Be the first to try our new 100% whole grain mini sandwich cookies! Our new snacks come with our Certified Carefree promise to be better tasting, better for you and better for the planet! Late July - the official fuel for the carefree childhood.

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