Enzymes, Inc. Introduces Newsreader Desktop Widget

News and information from enzymeexperts.com and enzymeswork.com is now available in a free downloadable desktop application for PC and Mac OS

Parkville, Missouri (January 23, 2007) – Leader in digestive and systemic enzyme supplements Enzymes, Inc. has just introduced an exciting new application allowing readers to access enzyme related news and information instantly.

The new “widget” will instantly retrieve information from the news and information website, www.enzymeexperts.com, and the company blog, www.enzymeswork.com, into a handy flash application which can be placed on the user’s computer desktop.

“Rather than visiting each individual site, this new feature will allow the user to view headlines, and the first sentence or so, of a news story or weblog post,” said company webmaster Scott Mountjoy. “If an item sounds interesting, one click will instantly take them to the appropriate page.”

Enzymeexperts.com was created as a simple newsletter to inform customers of company specials and alternative healthcare news, but has gathered considerable content since it first went live. Today, health care practitioners and health conscious consumers visit frequently for updated news and information.

Enzymeswork.com, the Enzymes, Inc. company blog, will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month. Get a glimpse behind the scenes as well as read commentary on nutritional supplement industry current events.

The newsreader desktop widget allows instant access to these two websites in a convienient desktop application. To download it for free, visit www.enzymeexperts.com and click “widgets” on the toolbar at the top of the page.


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