Enzymotec's Krill oil Achieves GRAS status

Enzymotec announced today that further to its entry to the dietary supplement market during 2007, the company is continuing with its plan to introduce Krill oil to other market segments. Just recently, Enzymotec's Krill oil achieved GRAS status with the US FDA.

"Our krill lecithin is the only one which has gained the US-FDA affirmation for it's GRAS status, while other products have only been self-affirmed" says Dr. Ariel Katz, Enzymotec CEO. "We obtained very good feedback from customers regarding the product quality and service provided, and the GRAS is yet another important step in our effort to become a major player in the Krill oil market and in the functional foods sector in general." concludes Dr. Katz.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, that develops and produces novel ,lipid-based health ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods.

The company's leading products are:, SharpPSTM and SharpPSTM GOLD for cognitive performance improvement of seniors , CardiaBeatTM offering a broad health effect to reduce CVD risks and InFatTM for balanced nutrition in infant formula.

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