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Equateq Launches Whey-O3

The dual benefits of Whey protein and concentrated Omega-3 fish oils can now be enjoyed in a unique combination product with the launch today of Whey-O3, a micro-encapsulated powder aimed at sports people and anyone with an interest in their physical health, lipid specialist Equateq announced.

‘The beauty of Whey-O3 is its flexibility,’ Equateq CEO Adam Kelliher said. ‘You can blend it into a breakfast shake, sprinkle it over food, even use it in cooking, at a very low heat. So it is a very easy presentation for anyone wanting the advantages of whey protein, with all the benefits of increased Omega-3 intake’

Equateq enhanced the stability of Whey-O3 by utilising its Crystalpure ™ technology to deliver an enriched triglyceride oil that is 50% omega-3, and particularly high in EPA. By using this greater level of actives, Equateq could reduce the loading of the lipid fraction to just 30%, with the remainder of the mix being the stabilizing Whey protein. The smaller lipid fraction means a lower presence of elements that are prone to oxidize, directly improving the stability profile. But Whey-O3 also provides a high level of lipid actives with 135mg of omega-3 delivered for each gram of powder.

‘This is the breakthrough aspect of Whey-O3: the use of Crystalpure technology to give an optimal level of omega-3, but at a low total oil loading,’ Kelliher said. ‘If we regard 500-mg of EPA a day being the minimum benchmark, then you would only need to take about three teaspoons of Whey-O3, and that will mix handily into a smoothie or other similar presentations.’

Equateq opted for an EPA-rich fish oil as the omega-3 fatty acid is known for its anti-inflammatory actions, which are vital to maintain if one is placing demands on the body, and may need help during resting and recovery. Athletes, body-builders and fitness enthusiasts have long supplemented with whey protein to help build lean muscle. The company believes that marrying together both actives into an easy-to-take powder will allow an optimal intake of both actives.

All of Equateq’s omega oils manufactured at its dedicated facility in the Western Isles of Scotland are cGMP-certified, ensuring consistent quality. The private company’s Crystalpure offering is unique, and particularly suited for the food sector: their low temperature fractionation method allows delivery of concentrates that are truly natural, and can be sold freely in all markets globally.

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