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EuroPharma Now Offering Products Utilizing New Patented Coating Technology For Specific Uses

Green Bay, Wisconsin (April 26, 2006) –- EuroPharma is partnering with a European company to bring a new tablet coating technology to US companies. Products that utilize this technology and are now available through EuroPharma include a carb blocker, a fat blocker, and a blood sugar management supplement.

Bio-availability of these supplements has just been enhanced by Terry Lemerond’s latest European discovery. This new, patented tablet coating technology preserves active ingredients – allowing formula components to pass through the harsh gastric environment of the stomach. This new technology allows key ingredients to be better utilized by the body.

This new technology takes white kidney bean extract to a higher level of activity; making it 120 times stronger than other carb blockers currently on the market. This technology has also been utilized in a fat blocker product which improves lipase inhibition and blocks the absorption of fat. Research results with this fat blocker have demonstrated 71% lower serum triglycerides and 21% lower total cholesterol.

Another area of use with this new technology is with blood sugar management. In recent clinical research, subjects with Type 2 diabetes showed a 49% reduction in serum blood sugar levels.

“This new proprietary and patented enteric coating technology increases biological activity and ensures a greater amount of active ingredients reaching target areas of the body,” said EuroPharma’s founder Terry Lemerond.

EuroPharma has worldwide distribution rights for these products and is seeking partnerships with companies seeking to enhance their product offerings.

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, EuroPharma, Inc., is committed to discovering innovative products that have been extensively researched and demonstrated to be safe, natural and effective which will help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. EuroPharma’s mission is to bring truly unique and industry changing products to the U.S. marketplace. EuroPharma is an extension of its founder, Terry Lemerond’s historic successes and a proven model of product development. For more information, visit or contact Lisa Joski, [email protected], 920-406-6506.

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