Evonik launches next-gen dry flow agent

Evonik launches next-gen dry flow agent

In addition to high-sugar drink mixes, AEROSIL 200 F is an ideal flow aid for seasonings, spice mixes and nondairy creamers.

A next-generation anti-caking and flow aid that improves the production rates of powder food products at ultra-low use rates—is now available from Evonik Corp. The new AEROSIL® 200 F (food grade) fumed silica debuts at the 2013 Institute of Food Technoligists (IFT) Expo in Chicago, July 13 to 16, Evonik booth #319.

In addition to high-sugar drink mixes such as powdered juices, AEROSIL 200 F is an ideal flow aid for seasonings, spice mixes and nondairy creamers. And beyond use as a flow aid, AEROSIL 200 F can improve the throughputof spray dried products. The hydrophillic particles of AEROSIL 200 F also help suppress dust.

“Evonik recognizes the ever growing regulatory requirements that are needed to satisfy the food industry along with the production throughput and storage issues that food companies deal with on a daily basis. Having supplied AEROSIL 200 Pharma into the pharmaceutical industry for years it was a natural fit to introduce this next generation of food grade fumed silica,” said Matt Romaine, marketing manager, Inorganic Materials Business Unit. 

The extremely fine, high-purity, hydrophilic particles make AEROSIL 200 F highly efficient—and cost effective, especially at low use rates. Typical usage levels for dry mixes is less than 1 percent, and use can be as low as 0.2 percent for certain applications.

The company announced plans in December for a 20,000 mt capacity expansion at its precipitated silica plant in Chester, Pa., and in June announced plans for a new plant in Brazil subject to approvals by responsible bodies, with scheduled completion in 2015. 

For more information about AEROSIL 200 F (aerosil.com) visit: IFT booth #319 or contact the Inorganic Materials Business Unit of Evonik Corp., 973.929.8000.

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