Natural Foods Merchandiser

February 2010 company news

East Rutherford, N.J.-based medicinal mushroom extract supplement company Maitake Products changed its name to Mushroom Wisdom to recognize the company’s new product line that uses extracts from a variety of mushrooms.

Norway, Iowa-based Frontier Natural Products Co-op was presented with the Iowa Venture Award for its expansion and contribution to Iowa’s economy. Frontier Natural Products Co-op manages the Frontier Natural Products, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-based Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils has increased its exports to the United States, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and Japan.
Supplements manufacturer American Health of Ronkonkoma, N.Y., announced the appointment of South Barrington, Ill.-based Presence NE Brokers as the company’s new sales representatives for the Ester-C brand in New England.
Fairfield, Conn.-based Bigelow Tea launched The Bigelow Tea Talk Blog, a video channel network and new Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Independent product test company found that Jarrow Formulas’ Jarrow-Dophilus EPS and Fem Dophilus supplements contain the listed amounts of probiotic organisms and were free of microbial contamination.
Long Beach Calif.-based ingredients supplier BI Nutraceuticals has increased its echinacea powder supply for natural immune-health supplements.
Simi Valley, Calif.-based natural personal care company derma e announced its new role as product sponsor for the nonprofit organization Beauty Bus
Fatty-acid research and production company Equateq, based in London, announced the launch of Whey-O3, which combines whey protein and concentrated omega-3s in a microencapsulated powder.
Eugene, Ore.-based GloryBee Foods announced the launch of Aunt Patty’s Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup, made from blue agave handpicked by farmers in Jalisco, Mexico.
Riega Foods of North Kansas City, Mo., and Garden Spot Distributors of New Holland, Pa., entered into a distribution agreement for the Cerealvit brand of gluten-free and organic cereals.
Los Angeles-based natural soda company Reed’s announced it will produce new products designed to compete with over-the-counter medicines for conditions like motion sickness, food poisoning, migraines and morning sickness.
Irvine, Calif.-based natural and organic supplements manufacturer Vitamer Labs announced its new “Double Verified Gluten Free” program. Finished products will undergo gluten-free testing, and if gluten is at 10 parts per million or less, the company’s new logo will be placed on the front of the label.

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