Fenchem develops global sales network

Fenchem develops global sales network

Company has opened offices in the U.S., Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany and South Africa to better serve local customers.

Fenchem aims to develop the global sales network. We are taking a number of steps to implement this important strategy to strengthen the competitiveness of our performance products segment. The portfolio includes ingredients for the dietary supplement, functional food, cosmetic, feed and painting industries.

Fenchem opened five overseas offices in the U.S., Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany and South Africa to better serve the local customers. Most importantly, we can source the local characteristic materials to meet the requirements from other regions. Thus, a global sales network was built. A fast-delivery service to local customers supported by the establishment of warehouses affiliated to each overseas office.

Euromonitor data forecasts that China’s vitamin and dietary supplement sector will continue to grow at 6 percent per year until 2015.  China’s nutritional supplements market is attractive for investors due to its growth potential with an estimated market size of $10 to $16 billion. To meet the strong requirements of Chinese consumers, Fenchem is now making a stronger push to import overseas dietary supplements into the Chinese market. Our strong technical support team will help the manufacturers to register the products in SFDA to meet the Chinese local regulations on dietary supplements.

The global purchasing department is constructed within the six offices and we share the global product resources and market information. We are committed to meeting the various product requirements around the world based on the global sales network.


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