Former CEO and Chairman of NutraCea Announces Launch of NanaCea, an E-commerce Natural Products Company

NanaCea(TM), a privately held manufacturing and internet marketing company announced today the launch of the company and its website to market lifestyle and nutraceutical products made from a specially enhanced stabilized rice bran. The Company is founded by Nana Patricia McPeak, founder, former CEO and Chairman of Nutracea and The RiceX Company.

"RicePatty", as she is affectionately known throughout the industry, has been a major proponent of whole food nutrition as an effective means of creating health in humans as well as animals. She is a leading researcher on the health-inducing benefits of stabilized rice bran in humans and animals. She is the inventor of many patents both domestic and international for NutraCea and The RiceX Company. NanaCea's proprietary formulations are based upon NanaCea Manna(TM) and FiberCea(TM), specially enhanced forms of NutraCea's RiSolubles(R) and RiBalance(TM).

The website, which is now actively taking orders, offers new innovative products utilizing NanaCea's proprietary ingredients and includes NanaCea 24/7(TM), a special meal replacement, NanaFlex(TM) LiverCea(TM) CeaZyme(TM) Digestive Enzymes, ProBee Probiotics(TM), DiaCea(TM), HydroCea(TM) Quantum Minerals and HydroCea water filtration systems.

"I am so very pleased and gratified to launch this new line of rice bran-based whole food nutritional products, which we consider to be our flagship products. These products are now available at for people who wish to receive a complete balance of nutrients in a whole food matrix to create a fully nourished state and natural lifestyle. We are launching with 15 products, but expect to quickly increase the number of products to 25 over the next three months," said Nana Patricia McPeak, Founder and CEO of NanaCea.

About NanaCea(TM)
NanaCea is a formulator and manufacturer of the highest quality nutritional products for humans and animals. These products are being marketed through an e-commerce website at NanaCea is developing and implementing foods designed for feeding programs both in the U.S. as well as throughout the world. Five percent of the gross profits of NanaCea are being donated to a special fund for developing feeding programs, clinical research and food safety between the RicePatty Foundation(TM) and Airline Ambassadors, a 501(c)3.

Contact Information:

Customer Relations
NanaCea(TM), a Corporation
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Phone: (916) 933-9400
Fax: (916) 933-9300
Email: [email protected]

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