Fountain of Life Group, LLC Introduces VaNu 2Go+

Fountain of Life Group, LLC is excited to announce its travel pack product VaNu 2Go+. VaNu 2Go+ combines organic Peruvian Maca and the pristine blend of 7 organic and wild-crafted ingredients found in FoL's flagship product, VaNu.

VaNu 2Go+ is an all-natural nutritional drink free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners or fillers. The addition of Maca has many reported benefits: increased energy, stamina, and hormone balance to name a few.

"This special root has been cultivated, consumed, and celebrated by Peruvians for nearly 2000 years for its performance-enhancing qualities. It is the perfect complement to VaNu and another Superblend of Superfoods(TM)," said CEO and Founder Mark MacCloskey. "The convenient travel pack is perfect for people on the go."

VaNu 2Go+ is packaged as a convenient and portable 1 oz serving size, 30 packets per box. One case has two boxes of VaNu 2Go+ and is a full month's supply of the product.

You can download a product fact sheet at


Fountain of Life Group, LLC is a nutritional manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Dallas, TX. Fountain of Life is helping people to optimize their health and wealth with their flagship product, VaNu.

VaNu is the brand name of the all-natural nutritional beverage, created and blended by Fountain of Life. VaNu's Superblend of Superfoods(TM) features the Acai berry and is packed with powerful antioxidants and flavanoids from five of the most exotic Superfoods in the world. Packaged in a distinctive 750ml (25.3 ounce) purple glass bottle, VaNu nourishes the body with a 1-2 ounce serving twice daily.

Product claims have not been reviewed by the FDA. Fountain of Life products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or class of diseases.

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