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Free downloadable toolkit: 30 social media tips to boost store sales

Free downloadable toolkit: 30 social media tips to boost store sales
Boost your sales & create store buzz

30 social media tips to boost sales & create store buzz

Click here for your free downloadable toolkit!

I hear you: Running a retail business is busy enough without layering on social media. But a look at today’s research should convince you it’s important. Forrester Research predicts that by 2014, the Internet will influence 53 percent of all retail sales, both online and offline. If your store has an online social media presence, you can be part of the 53 percent influencing customers to purchase natural products that support their health and, by the way, your bottom line.

An engaged online consumer is more likely to be an engaged in-store shopper. So what exactly should you post to your social networks to create store buzz and boost sales? I’ve developed 30 ideas you can use today to take the guesswork out of your social media content strategy.

Bonus: Most of these tips take 10 minutes or less to do.

Here’s a preview of three tips you’ll find:

  • Post an image of your sales flier to your Facebook wall so shoppers can check out deals while skimming their friends’ status updates and catching up on news.
  • Create a “30 Days of Health Tips” series where you post a different healthy tip each day. Tie the tips into your promotion schedule for the month (for example, New Year’s resolutions or weight loss).
  • Search and bookmark a site that lists daily, weekly and monthly national holidays. Post about the holiday, ideally with an appropriate picture, and tie it to your store or a particular product you stock. For example: “National Lemonade Day? $1 for 3 lemons, today only!” Then link to your favorite lemonade recipe.

There are 27 more tips where those came from. Download the full guide, and you’ll be well on your way to a social media strategy that brings in revenue in 2013 and beyond.

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