Functional ingredients industry chatter

David SeckmanEnd of DSHEA?
"Requiring pre-market approval for dietary supplements would end this industry as we know it."

— David R Seckman, executive director and CEO, Natural Products Association

A flat world
"The solution to these problems is not, as many companies believe, to move manufacturing to another country. It is instead to simply understand that with carefully designed procedures and a little education, quality and compliance will result."

— Andrew Buirge, president of scientific consulting for expert consultancy Aim & Act, about Coca-Cola's report that more than half of its Chinese distributors failed to adhere to a set of principles the company implemented in 2003 to promote respect for labour rights among its business partners

Athletes' dilemma
"If you test positive as a result of using a contaminated supplement you will face a sanction under the World Anti-Doping Code and could be looking at up to a two-year ban."

— Andy Parkinson, acting director of drug-free sport at government agency UK Sport, following a report that found 10.5 per cent of tested supplements sold in the UK contained a steroid or stimulant banned by the World Doping Agency

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